Crazy Weeks That Make Me Stronger

It has been a crazy few weeks but now I am sitting in my support vehicle on the way to Senaru where I will stay tonight. Senaru is the gateway to Rinjani so please can I reassure all my friends and supporters that whatever you are hearing overseas none of it is true. Mt Rinjani has erupted, paving the way for our climb and is now waiting patiently.

As I sit here full of all different emotions, I can only say my fight is getting stronger by the minute and the House of Hope is quickly becoming a reality. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers and please donate if you can to help us help The Lombok Forgotten Children.

Fi the crazy nomad 👣👣

Welcome to the unity Isabel Cortez

mount-philWelcome to the unity Isabel Cortez. Isabel will be traveling from the Philippines the join the Mt Rinjani Charity Climb 2016.

Welcome to the unity Paul Colston and Sita Noor

paul-colston-sita-noorWelcome to the unity Paul Colston and Sita Noor. Traveling from Jakarta to join the Mt Rinjani Charity Climb 2016. Great to have you on board.

10 Days To Go Before The Great Lombok Walk

What a massive week this is turning into. With only 10 days….. 10DAYS!! to go before I begin walking for the Lombok Forgotten Children, Endri’s foundation.
At least the workload is helping deal with my nerves at bay, which have started to kick in in crazy levels.

The dream of a “House of Hope is becoming to seem more real.

Rinjani Adventure

Welcome to the Unity Jim Kerr

jim kerrJim will be traveling from Perth Western Australia to join the Mt Rinjani Charity Climb 2016. I have done some trekking with Jim in South America, so it is going to be great to have Jim and his wicked sense oh humour on this climb.

Route Map & Time Schedule of The Great Lombok Walk

Here is the route map and time schedule of The Great Lombok Walk.

I will start the journey from Lokok Aur Bayan, on October 1st, 2016. After walking around Lombok Island, I hope I will reach the same place (Lokok Aur) on October 13th, 2016. After that, I will climb the great mountain: Mt. Rinjani (3.726m above sea level). I aim at reaching the summit on the morning of October 14th

fiona-map-route-basic-1If you are interested to join this mission of helping “Lombok Forgotten Children“, read this, and contact me at 081383618535 or Endri: 085238555955.

The 2nd Rinjani Climber Registered: Greg Williams

greg wiliamsThe second climber registered. Congratulations Greg Williams for joining the unity and the MT RINJANI CHARITY CLIMB and huge thanks for supporting the great Lombok walk.