Please keep supporting the ACAM GREAT LOMBOK WALK

The Fiona Unity Foundation would like to proudly announce that the ACAM GREAT LOMBOK WALK fundraiser was a huge success! To date, and there are still pledged donations to come we have officially topped our expected target. Sponsors have been notified and should be extremely proud to be a part of this epic fundraiser.

I am so very grateful by the amazing generosity towards the “Lombok Forgotten Children’s House Of Hope” which means the house WILL soon become a reality and Endri’s Foundation will have a hospital house. This desperately needed centre, the first of it’s kind in Lombok will easily double the amount of lives that will be saved, connected to surgeries and disability Aids. This huge success has put the Lombok Forgotten Children, Endri’s Foundation in a position, with consideration now being given to a ‘New Building’ with a purpose design in mind. Possibly renting for 6/12 months so progress can still grow and the work that Endri and his team do will down not be slowed down by a new building.

For The Fiona Unity Foundation, this is just the start of our support for The Lombok Forgotten Children, Endri’s Foundation. We are still in the early stages and are still urgently looking for sponsors to help purchase land and fund this new build. It is not too late to donate to the ACAM GREAT LOMBOK WALK which is the official fundraiser for The House Of Hope and follow the progress that you will be so proud to become a part of. No matter how big or small, every donation is gratefully received and 100% of your donation will go directly to The House Of Hope. I hope you will consider joining the unity and becoming a part of this mission, to help the sick, dying and disabled……The Lombok Forgotten.

Please keep supporting the ACAM GREAT LOMBOK WALK and donate if you can.

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Thank you,
Fiona Forrest 👣👣👣

Great Lombok Walk Moments on Video

Fiona Forrest walking around lombok, 400 km for 12 days (1-12 october 2016), raising money for Lombok Forgotten Children to make “House Of Hope” 🙂

Crazy Weeks That Make Me Stronger

It has been a crazy few weeks but now I am sitting in my support vehicle on the way to Senaru where I will stay tonight. Senaru is the gateway to Rinjani so please can I reassure all my friends and supporters that whatever you are hearing overseas none of it is true. Mt Rinjani has erupted, paving the way for our climb and is now waiting patiently.

As I sit here full of all different emotions, I can only say my fight is getting stronger by the minute and the House of Hope is quickly becoming a reality. Thank you all for your kind words and prayers and please donate if you can to help us help The Lombok Forgotten Children.

Fi the crazy nomad 👣👣

2 Days To Go to ACAM Great Lombok Walk


So, it’s 2 days to go to ACAM GREAT LOMBOK WALK.

Thank you for all of you, who are supporting this walk. Together we can make difference!

We have a Platinum Sponsor!!!!

My walk is officially titled
Thank you for you amazing sponsorship Derren and Astrid Broderick. Welcome to the Unity! 👣👣

Big Thank You to Cilandak Rotary Club for the Donation

donation-from-rotary-clubThe Fiona Unity Foundation would like to thank the Cilandak Rotary Club for their generous donation US$2,000 to THE GREAT LOMBOK WALK.
I am proud to be walking with such loyal supporters backing me! 👣👣


Thank You, Nadi and Ayu

eastern-promise-cookThe Fiona Unity Foundation would like say a massive thank you to Nadi and Ayu for their hard work and support. These 2 lovely ladies have been working tirelessly for the “Great Lombok Walk, Cooking for Charity” event at Eastern Promise today. Famous for their amazing food and huge success at these events I am deeply honoured to have them on board. Welcome to the unity!

Huge Thank You to Eastern Promise and Daniel Macdonald

eastern-promise-vertical-logoThe Fiona Unity Foundation would like to say a huge, huge thank you to Eastern Promise for hosting a fantastic event in Kemang last night. Despite the rains and floods it was an amazing evening. Through this event we were able to raise a tremendous amount which will go directly to the purchase of the house of hope.

I would especially like to thank Daniel Macdonald for all his hard work and dedication that made this event the success it was.

Huge Thank You to TD Energy Service

td-energyThe Fiona Unity Foundation would to say a huge thank you to TD Energy Services for their fantastic sponsorship. Your support will have a massive impact towards The House of Hope!

More about this company, visit their official website:

How can I possibly fail with this amazing support team!