On the road at 3am from Bumbang heading Selong Belanak. Walking through the area of Kuta in the pre dawn hours was nice and peaceful apart from the hoards of dogs which were on the streets in their masses. When the sun came up I was already walking through the massive tobacco plantations which dominate south, east and central Lombok.

I had my first stop at Mawun village in a baruga owned by the village leader. After a rest it was on to the start of the big hills and when I say big I mean big especially near the Astari where I will go back tonight for an event they are hosting for the walk.

As I made my way up and down the hills the sun unrelenting made it very hard to walk…… That’s until Adam and Endri team joined me making it a lot easier to reach the 33km which was my target for the day.

Thank you Sempiak Villas for providing us with accommodation for tonight. What an amazing place. I will definitely be back here for a relaxing holiday.

Tonight we will be the guest at a event / party organise be a group of amazing people who are fight with us to build the House of Hope!!

Thanks for all your support today Team Endri, I could not do this without you