Mt. Rinjani Charity Climb 2017


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this charity fundraising opportunity with me further.

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The Great Lombok Walk

On the 1st of October 2016 I will begin “THE GREAT LOMBOK WALK”. Walking around the island of Lombok finishing with a charity climb Mt Rinjani. Throughout this walk I am aiming to raise as much awareness and as much funds as possible for The Lombok Forgotten Children, Endri’s Foundation. My intention is to walk the perimeter, of the Island of Lombok starting at Lokok Aur, Karang bajo village and following the coast as much as is possible heading east until I reach Senaru.

After surveying the roads and mapping out the route I plan to walk I now realise that this walk will certainly be testing my stamina and endurance with an unbelievable amount of hills and quite a few areas with crazy traffic together with the hot and humid climate of this beautiful country I now call home. In some areas my support team will be limited to a motorbike as the roads are impassible by car.

I will then climb Mt Rinjani. At 3726m above sea level this active volcano and the second highest mountain in Indonesia is an extremely hard and dangerous mountain to climb. I aim at reaching the summit on the morning of October 14th.

fiona-map-route-basic-1After witnessing first hand the amazing work the small team that makes Endri’s Foundation has accomplished, The Fiona Unity Foundation has pledged our 100% support to help in whatever way we can. We are hoping that through this fundraising walk and climb we will be able to support Endri and his team of loyal supporters that has already saved many lives and will continue to save many many more!

We take it for granted that our kids will be brought up in a safe environment with loving and caring parents, guiding and supporting them.

On the Island of Lombok there are so many abandoned, sick, disabled and suffering children that are dying without a single ounce of hope. One child’s voice will stay in my mind forever, “I just want to taste chicken before I die!”

By supporting this walk you will will be supporting the life of a child that never had a chance.

LOMBOK FORGOTTEN CHILDREN; is an emergency aid organisation and their mission is ‘ no Lombok sick child should die in pain or hungry’ Endri faces a situation where a whole province of 4.1 million people have been doing very little for their impoverished sick and disabled. There is a general backlog of sadness and need.

Please take a few minutes to think about these children and how the humanity and passion of one person can change the life of many more children of the future.

All expenses are paid by the Forrest Family so every rupiah/ dollar will go direct to The Lombok Forgotten Children. Please note there are no administrative charges on funds donated 100% goes to those who need it.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss this charity fundraising opportunity with me further.

HP:(+62) 081383618535 Bankers: Bank Central Asia KCU Pondok Indah
Email: Acc Name: Yayasan Fiona Bersatu
FB: Acc No: 2919250814
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Call Of The Jungle

68Fiona Forrest

The Fiona unity foundation would like to express sincere gratitude to Amanda Barlow, author of “CALL OF THE JUNGLE” the incredible story of her race in the Amazon Marathon.

Amanda has pledged all the royalties of her first book to be a part of the education of the children at the 2 Elisama Orphanages in Bali. With 3 grown children of her own Amanda knows the value of education and can see the difference we are making together in educating the kids at Elisama.

The Kokoda Track Charity Trek 2013.

ko1I arrived in Papua New Guinea on the 9th of July and we started the Trek about 4 hours after landing. The actual “Kokoda Trek” took 10 days but we did another 2 days on the northern beaches where a lot of battles took place but are so often forgotten about. I decided to take my own tent and sleeping gear unlike most of the others who slept in the communal accommodation. This was a smart choice on my part especially on the nights of heavy rain where the communal accommodation quite often leaked and many Trekkers couldn’t sleep. I hired a porter but still carried my own pack as well weighing in at about 13-15kg. A lot of that was my water which we had to treat by using tablets in the water we collected from the cleaner rivers. After months of training which included many hikes up in the mountains at SentuI and a lot of research, I thought was prepared. I don’t think any amount of training could have prepared me for the journey that lay ahead.

The extreme climbing and descending through the dense jungle never stopped. It was always up or always down. This was only made worse by the rain turning the track into a smelly muddy bog that really tested my limits. We did some amazing, quite frightening river crossing, some where the bridges had been washed away and we had to rely on our porters and rope to make it across. We were very fortunate to have an amazing guide who had completed the track 20 times before and really new all the history of the battles and the many stories that occurred during the Kokoda campaign.

We often dropped our packs and went off the track to visit crash sites, motor dumps, trenches etc quite often doing readings along the way to learn what had taken place at the place we were. We held 2 memorial services. 1 on the top of Brigade Hill where we stood in front of the 62 wooden stakes that represented the 62 Soldiers that heroically lost their lives in the battle here. Another at Insuava, where a bloody slaughter took place on the hillside where there is a now magnificent memorial that over looks the mountains.

Both of these services were extremely emotional for us all. Hearing about the battles that took place here, reading letters from a soldiers mother. Reciting the Ode and listening to the haunting lone bugle of the last post, tears streaming down our faces whilst thinking of what the poor soldiers endured before they died is something I will never ever forget. The Kokoda Track really pushed every part of my body and my mind to the extreme limit and it definitely needed all of my strength, courage and endurance.

This experience has taught me many things, some I talk about but some I don’t know how to explain. But one thing I know, I have come back so much more determination to never give up the fight to help the beauitiful children at Elisama achieve their dreams. The Kokoda Charity Trek raised an amazing IDR 489,786,105.00 $US 44,500.00 From this IDR 101,062.500.00 has been used to pay a portion of the education cost for this year. I am now searching for people, a group of people or companies who can help me with the cost of the rest of the Education. The remainder of they money raised will go towards,

1. New mattresses for both Orphanages. 2. The construction of a recreational area including a playground and grassed area at Elisama Singaraja.( I am planning to go to Singaraja and work in any way I can to help and oversee this project which is so important) 3. Purchase medical basic supplies which is fitting to a remote Institution catering for the basic needs of small children in an emergency situation.

I have written a detailed story including photos about the Kokoda Track Charity Trek which you can find on my website next week. I would like to thank you sincerely for your support of my Kokoda Track Charity Trek. For your generous donation to the two Elisama Orphanages and also for having faith in me to be able to help Esther Tingallini fight for a child’s future. God Bless You!



Mt. Rinjani Climb

On 17th of May, I will be climbing Mt Rinjani on Lombok with my friend Melissa Diamond. At 3726M/12,000Ft Mt Rinjani is the second highest mountain in Indonesia. This is an extremely hard and dangerous mountain and requires strength, courage and stamina. Climbing for the children of Elisama with give us all that and more.


I feel very proud to be able, start this next fundraising challenge to support these amazing, happy, hopeful children from Elisama. With your help these kids have a chance to follow their dreams. Everyone deserves a chance .They are the children of the future. They never give up & neither will I !



Climbing the 3726m of Mount Rinjani was undoubtedly the biggest fitness challenge I have faced so far. The reason for this challenge as you are all aware was to raise money to help support the two Elisama Orphanages in Bali.

I would like to present to you a brief summary of our climb

Bursting with energy & determination we started the ascent from Sembalun Lawang. Up until midday the incline was not too steep so when we arrived at our rest stop for lunchwe were very hot and sweaty but enjoying our hike. That, unfortunately was to be the last of the “trekking”! From then on it was all hard “slog! We made our way through the She-oak trees, climbing the rocks and steep slopes stopping twice for a short break to recharge

We were thinking how good would a nice cold beer Bintang be right now. As we poked our heads up over the side of the last cliff ………there it was…just like an oasis… a small shop set up in a tent selling everything from beer cigarettes and pop mi to toilet paper and mozzie cream. Even at 70,000 per can we were extremely tempted until we felt how hot it was.


Fundraising by Casey

25 March 2013

My name is Casey Kerr, and for my school project I decided to take part in contributing to the Elisama orphanage in Bali through the guidance of Fiona Forrest. In terms of fundraising I was able to hold a garage sale of my family’s items as well items donated by friends and extended family, with the proceeds donated to the orphanage. I also held a series of charity dinner fundraisers. In the future I hope to continue supporting the Elisama orphanage; it is really a remarkable organisation. Although my efforts are just a small contribution, I am very happy to give my time and hope that this small achievement encourages others to get involved.

Update: 16 April 2013

On the 5th of April I travelled up to Singaraja with Casey Kerr and her father Jim to visit Esther and our little friends at the Elisama Orphanage. After raising $5,000.00 for Elisama, Casey and Jim decided to see for themselves the amazing work Esther Ketut Tinggalini does for beautiful children that were , orphaned, abandoned, or simply forgotten. The car was packed to the roof with the supplies I had purchased the day before. As always it was great to see our little friends with their huge smiles. . After the introductions were over and Esther had explained the day to day running of both orphanages the plans she has for the future and the set backs she is facing every day. For many of us, facing these types of problems would be impossible. For Esther Ketut Tinggalini, no problem will block the way ! Both Casey and Jim were very impressed with how far Esther, with support from sponsors, has come with establishing a safe , happy environment for the children who live in Elisama Singaraja.

We saw the nearly completed production area that is being built for making and selling bricks. A very much sought commodity in northern Bali where building industry is booming. When completed this will create a much needed income for the day to day running of the orphanage.

Next Casey spoke to the children, explaining how and why she raised the $5,000.00 that she donated to Elisama.
Casey has done an amazing job. Firstly by raising the money and secondly by traveling the long road north to Singaraja to witness for herself where her money is going .
I think Casey learnt a lot from this trip including her huge dislike for “Durian”


problems Casey and Jim we’re taken on a tour of the orphanage. by Esther

Kokoda Charity Trek



Update: March 12th, 2014

The latest Fundraiser for Elisama. Pies and Sausage Rolls sold at The British International School on Sunday March 9th. A great day with great rewards.
Thank you to Peter Forrest for donating all the ingredients, thank you to a Holly Forrest for all your help on the day and thank you to all who purchased my home baked produce.

Together we raised IDR 5,210,000.