Presentation Child at Elisama

Children In Elisama Orphanage​ ​Elisama provides all children an education with quite a few already attending University. when asked, most of these children have a dream they follow of what they want to become. Must of these dreams are not small! I have heard Doctors, nurses, pilots, teachers to mention just a few. Of course there are many who want to be football players and singers. One little boy dreams of being a pro surfer ! The fact is….. They are safe, they are healthy, they are loved and they are educated, They are happy!

T-Shirts for Healing Lombok

Thank you to Leah Hamilton from Australia for her amazing support to Fiona Unity Foundation and Lombok Forgotten Children . To order these amazing T-shirts please contact Leah or Fiona.


Local global design print & custom made director/ designer Leah Hamilton cares about our world,people & equality of life for all.
‘The thoughtful little things you do each day have an accumulated effect on all our tomorrows.’ Alexandra Stoddard
Having enjoyed holidays in Bali, the people & culture I was devastated by the recent destruction, loss of life, hardship & heartbreak for the people of Lombok. I decided I could donate $ or I could donate my time, passion & trade and donate many more $. And this is where Lombok earth quake heart ache tees began.

Inspired by family friend Fiona Forrest and her teams continuous efforts to help people in need. Together we can make a difference. All profits will be donated to Fiona unity foundation.

Contact me to get these tshirt, and help healing Lombok.

Tents for Lombok

Tents for Lombok

4th – 6th September 2018

We travelled to Bayan where we met with Rudy Trekker who helped us locate the most desperate villages in need of tents. Here we supplied our first school tent to children in an outer village near Senaru. Trying to stay positive was very hard when we were surrounded in devastation.

Previously a school for 167 children ranging from 7yrs- 15yrs now only rubble 😢
Now these kids gave a safe place to study when the wet season starts starts.


Thank you to our sponsors McGettigan’s, ACAM, Elders, Lindemans, Albens, Carlsberg.
Thank You for your support Cilandak Rotary.