Thank you so much for your support all the way from Canada FXRRVST. Terima kasih banyak.


Help Lombok!

Please help us to help Lombok 🙏




Earthquake Relief for Lombok Results

Thank you to our sponsors McGettigan’s, ACAM, Elders, Lindemans, Albens, Carlsberg.


Lombok Earthquake Donations

Terima kasih banyak Andrew Riley, Helen Douglas and Ethan for your amazing donation. Antibiotics, paracetamol, bandages antibacterial creams, baby formula diapers plus lots lots more being sent to Endri from Jakarta today. God Bless You all
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Lombok Critical Condition!

CONDITIONS IN LOMBOK ARE CRITICAL!!!! Please support this fundraiser. 100% of all donations will purchase blankets, tents, medical, food and water. You can also donate by contacting Fiona info@fionaunity.org


Charity Climb 2018

A charity climb to raise money for the house of hope in Mataram to support Lombok’s Forgotten Children. A fun and challenging climb where all climbers are asked to fundraise to support this event.

Fiona Unity Charity Drive

A lot of highs and a lot of lows as I traveled for 3 days through the many Kampungs in North, West and Central Lombok distributing 600 kilos of clothes and books, 350 kilos of rice, a wheel chair and money donated from Jakarta and Lombok. Together with my dear friend Helen Douglas and the amazing team of Endri’s foundation we sought out the poorest of the poor.

​Daily discovering more and more people desperate for help. Endri, as always, ready with his book open to document the help that is needed. To see the smiles this charity drive has brought was so fulfilling. To see the poverty and desperation that we faced daily has made me even stronger to raise awareness of the struggle and despair these Forgotten people face every day.

Charity Drive

All packed and ready to be shipped to Lombok. Thank you so much to the generous people who have donated to the Fiona Unity Foundation’s charity drive to support the Lombok’s Forgotten Children. God bless you all.


The Great Lombok Walk


RIP Habbi

Rest In Peace little Habbi.
Yesterday this beautiful little soldier, who suffered from Hydrocephalus passed away. He was not alone and he was not in pain thanks to the amazing love and support from Endri, Adam and the commitment of the loyal team who make up Endri’s Foundation.
The Fiona Unity Foundation sends deepest condolences to Habbi’s family and to the team of Endri’s Foundation.